« Progressive Delivery in the Kubernetes Era »
15:40 - 16:30
Quarkus World Tour Conference [Amphi 139]

Even though you are using Continuous Integration and Delivery, chances are you are still not 100% sure things will roll out without a glitch once you go to production. There will always be differences between environments and a risk for unforeseen issues related to your production environment and/or actual load, leading to potential disruption to your customers.

Progressive delivery is the next step after Continuous Delivery to test your application in production before it becomes fully available to all your user bases.

Embrace progressive delivery with techniques like blue-green, canary release, shadowing traffic, dark launches and automatic metrics-based rollouts to validate the application in production using Kubernetes and tools like Istio, Prometheus, ArgoCD, or Argo Rollouts.

Come to this session to learn about Progressive Delivery in action using Kubernetes.