« Quarkus: Becoming Supersonic and Subatomic »
09:00 - 12:00
JUDCon Deep-Dive Conference [Salle 138]

This session introduces Quarkus briefly, then dives into supersonic development with Live coding an application with Panache! And we don’t just mean with style, we walk the attendee through using Eclipse MicroProfile, Panache, and many more, to develop an application.

Throughout the session, we will utilize various Quarkus extensions to develop a fully-fledged application that connects to a database, exposes metrics, provides health checks, documents the API, and traces the execution path, all while combining reactive and imperative programming models!

While developing the application we explore the Subatomic, as we see how Quarkus extensions can reduce startup time and memory footprint, all while providing an easy to use programming model. We discuss the key aspects of using an external framework on Quarkus and thus take advantage of being used in a native image without running afoul of any GraalVM restrictions.