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Wednesday 10 July 14:30 - 15:20
Amphi 139 (160 places)

If you have been developing your applications using modern techniques, you might have heard about unit testing. As they say, “testing is the art of doubt!” However, in the age of event driven architecture, configuring the full testing environment might be intimidating.

Testcontainers have established themselves as a go-to solution for database, middleware, and cloud services integration testing, but what about your regular asynchronous business services and APIs? Enter Microcks, an open-source cloud-native tool (CNCF Sandbox project), ready to work with Testcontainers, and provide a solution for mocking and testing APIs without extensive coding.

This collaboration simplifies the process of configuring complex settings, allowing for the adoption of a strong Shift-Left approach to integration testing. The beauty of it is that this methodology is universally applicable, catering to a wide range of protocols, whether Apache Kafka, gRPC, GraphQL, or REST, regardless of your technological stack, be it Java, Go, Node, or others.

We will demonstrate an incredible developer experience that truly brings joy to your Java Quarkus applications and empowers you to build extensive and reliable integration tests, ensuring your microservices communicate as expected every time.