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14:00 - 17:00
JUDCon Workshop [Salle 110]

Event-Driven architecture allows multiple individual applications/services to work as a single unit, reacting to its environment and events, while remaining aware of each other—the distributed nature helps to scale up/down, load balancing, etc. Add Serverless to this journey and more. This workshop shows how developers can begin their event-driven journey by implementing a subset of a microservices application using and end-to-end (data > application > user) event-driven architecture. Developers will add high performance, an event-driven caching system to an existing application, and evolve the application architecture to use event-driven messaging and serverless deployment techniques to achieve great application performance on the cloud. If you are a developer and looking to learn how to use Quarkus and its application in practice. This is the right session for you. In this lab, you will quark a new version of the Coolstuff store with multiple microservices and functions.